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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 12

Day 12

     I am highly suspect of Awesome, she seems to be almost too nice and too well off. She claims to of driven here the day before, but there was no sign of a car that I've seen. Almost just to add to the mystery, there are four locked cells and I swear I heard noises coming from one, but Awesome completely denies it. I'll need to look into this for the safety of my other two companions, but for now, I'll leave her be.
     I searched around the compound surrounding the back of the Police station, found a few handy things. A set of four flashlights, some flares, a tazer (I wonder if it will even have any effect on the undead...) and, far more importantly, another box of shells for my shotgun. Upon inspection it appears to be of a Russian model, whatever it is, it kills undead and that I'm happy with. There was a shooting range in which Laura spent the better half of today in, I'm not sure if I should be proud of her amazing shooting ability, or disturbed about it. Whichever the case, the look in her eye was one that sent shivers down my spine, she didn't like this place, I could tell.
     The one walkway up to the roof has been prepared, there's a large safe which is tied via rope to an overlaying girder. All I need to do is cut the rope and the door won't be opening again for a very long time. The door itself is a robust steel prison door, so I'm really just going a little over the top. Still, I wouldn't want to need to fight those things close quarters.
     Tomorrow, I'm going to go on a food run. Even if I don't completely trust Awesome, I still consider the two children safer with her than with something greyer, and hungrier.

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