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Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 1

                                                                      Day 1
I've decided to keep this diary, in the hopes that one day it might be found, made into a novel, and some lucky bugger makes a killing off it. That's assuming some lucky bugger ever survives this. It's been 5 hours since the attack 'officially' started, or at least, was first broadcast about. I don't know what happened precisely, but now there are ghouls running the streets and infecting anything and everything that isn't already dead. To be fair, that's all I need to know, I'm not a PHD in science, I wasn't even that good a student, but I knew what to do as soon as the shit hit the fan, and I'm still alive so far.
       Name's Tim. I'm not a tall man, around 5 foot 7, I'm a lean build though, which creates an interesting contrast. I have long hair, which curls up. My house is a simple two story house on a small street in London, although due to the large basement which I split into several rooms, it's a lot larger than it seems. Has a nice garden too, with a shed I built that's always served me well. Got a pet dog named Ben, he's a Golden Retreaver, aged 4. He's a good dog, been with him since a puppy bought back when I was 19 as a house warming present to myself. Not that I really have much hope of keeping this house now, since I know I can't stay here forever.
       At the first reading of the news on the T.V, I instantly started creating a barricade to the one door that leads to my basement. Years of surfing the internet and watching movies gave me a heightened sense of paranoia, and since this is happenening, I'm not really sure if that's a bad thing. Currently writing this from the makeshift living space I built. It's got a T.V and computer, along with basic internet access and, more importantly, a phone. I've already contacted most of the people I know. My brother John in America says that the virus hasn't yet hit there, and that Mum and Dad are with him. He seems well enough, and if I had one person in the world I would bet on surviving this, it would be him.
       I currently only have two issues. The first is finding a way inside of the locked gun locker I have. I know it's illegal in this country, but whoes laughing now? The man with the gun is! Well, will be. Once I figure a way of opening it. The keys are upstairs, and I've heard a few shady bumps coming from the barricaded door. The second issue, is food. I went shopping a day before all this, but I could only get so much downstairs before I started hearing explosions and screaming. I live pretty close to the center of the city, and since that's where it broke out, it only took a few hours before it had reached my area. I estimate I've got about four day's worth of food here, which is dissapointing. I was hoping to at least stay here for two weeks, by that time I hoped the military would have a good rescue system set up. But I guess that plan's out of the window.
       Going to try to get some sleep, knowing that I might never wake up. It's a strange feeling, but the fact I know my family is ok is a great help. I just wish my girlfriend would pick up next time I phone...

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