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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 8

Day 8

     All aboard the Tim Train. Next stop:... I legitimately have no clue. But another 'problem' has flown happily into my little underground nest. I heard banging on the door, not undead banging, but quick, purpose full bangs. If that didn't tip me off, the voice of 'Let me in!' did. Another girl, a little older than the previous, apparently saw us moving towards the house. She refuses to explain how or why she was alone out there, but I can see her clothes are blood stained. Poor girl, I would hate to know what happened to her or her parents. She' around five foot ten, which annoys me greatly, has shocking pink hair, and deep blue eyes that have already seen things that a man of one hundred should not of seen, her name is Laura Jargon. The younger girl has long brunette hair, and is short. She still hasn't spoken a word, but she smiles and laughs whilst playing with the dog.
     More problems. Everyday problems. My life's just one big problem after another. Only the pirate station is running now. The other stations are all on the emergency broadcast that went out yesterday. As if to say, right, no more communication. I haven't even tried using the internet yet, but I don't hold too much hope. This is turning into a list...
1: T.V is out
2: Phone lines are out, mobile still works
3: Internet probably doesn't work
4: I have three mouths to feed
5: There is no room down here
6: Oh yeah, everyone is dead and walking. Forgot about that one.

     Got food for maybe another two days. Out of all of this, one thing I can say that is really getting looked after, is that damn dog. Two meals a day he's on. I might need to cut it down a bit. Space is a real issue, I'm currently laying on the floor writing whilst the girls sleep in the two sleeping bags. I have more sheets upstairs, but I don't think we can stay here long enough to make them of any real use.

Weird upside: I'm surrounded by girls!

No really I'm just going crazy.


  1. 'Weird upside: I'm surrounded by girls!'

    This isn't going to end well...

  2. Sebastian, I never once hinted that this would in any way contain any hoo-haa of any kind. You dirty minded man.