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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 2

                                                            Day 2
     Turned out things DO go bump in the night! Or morning, to be more accurate. The time is 4am, and there are frequent and sometimes loud bangs coming from upstairs. I think it's one of those rare times when you actually hope it's a burgler you can hear, and not an axe hungry murdurer. I get those times a lot. I've come up with a solution to my first problem, getting my gun locker open. If I remember correctly, there should still be a crate of building supplies, including a hammer and chisle, just outside of the barricaded door. It's still outside, but it's not 3 rooms away. It'll need to do for now, unless I think of something else. I'll write more when I wake up, that's if I ever get to sleep again.
     Plan successfull! I got the crate of supplies. I waited until I heard no sounds for a good few minuets, before darting out and in again. While up there, I saw little actual damage done to the house, the window was broken, but aside from that, I didn't notice a lot out of the ordinary. I do seem to recall something missing though, but I didn't have time to think about it. The padlock on the locker took quite a lot of hard hitting before it popped open. It made quite a racket, but either I'm too far underground, or the undead are just too far at this moment, since I heard nothing from upstairs.
     The guns I had were few and came with little ammo. In total I have about 30 shots, which I hope I'll never need to use. The first gun is a Glock 18. It has only one clip of 15, but it's high power should suffice. The second is a USP .45, which comes with two clips of 8. It's got a little more power than the Glock, but it's recoil can be a bit of a problem when firing multiple rounds. Spent a good 2 hours checking each gun and its parts, oiling the mechanisms and practicing the firing system. I have no experiance in actually firing a weapon, but I've played enough video games to understand the basic concept. Aim, and fire. Preferably in the head or heart for a money shot, or knees to incaticipate.
     Tried phoning girlfriend Lisa a few more times, to no avail. I can only hope she's safe. I need to think of a plan to get more food for when the time comes, I've reduced my estimate of four days to three, since a lot of the food I aquired won't last long in these conditions, and although I'm trying to consume those first, it's not going to help much. The nearest store is a Co-Op that's just down the road. I can hope that nobodies looted it yet, but it's a vain hope, because I know that if I had more time, I would of already. I can also hope that the store owner isn't there, because I have no money. Not that it's the store that's as much a problem as getting to it.
     The T.V has only three channels running now. One of which is a pirate broadcast that started the same time as the outbreak. It speaks mainly information regarding what to do during this time, but it doesn't really give us much information as to how to do it. 'Be sure to stock up on lots of food!'. Oh the irony. One other channel is still broadcasting its non-live shows, mainly sitcoms. The last channel is a news channel, so far the infection has spread as far as Birmingham, but has not been spotted in any other countries. The rest of the world is busy preparing their borders, too busy to help us apparantly. Our own military is, much to my dismay, not searching for survivors, but instead creating a base of operations, and calling for survivors to make their way there, by any means nessecary.
     How I'm meant to make my way down to Portsmouth, I don't know. But I'm going to have to think of something, else tough it out alone. A prospect I doubt even the luckiest of people would want to look forward to. Another issue I've noticed, is that I left all the dog food upstairs! I really need to give Ben a good meal.
List of things to do:
1: Phone Lisa.
2: Search upstairs for other rudementary weapons.
3: Find dog food.
4: Look around for other broken areas of house.
5: Phone Lisa again.

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