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Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 11

Day 11
     No, don't worry, we didn't all skip a day. It was spent preparing and leaving the house. I didn't have time to write anything yesterday, we were travelling all day, and for most of the day I was carrying the smaller girl. I can't keep referring to her like that, so for the time being I'm going to call her John. For comic effect. We left the house quite late, at around 5pm. It took the rest of the day just to prepare. I don't know if I made all the right choices, but I'm here now. I am.

     When we left we each had our own missions. Laura had one of the guns, being the most mature of the two girls, and one backpack filled solely with dog food. John was brining the dog, and I had a backpack filled with food, supplies and I had the USP 45, with about 10 bullets. Part of me felt sorry as we left the home I'de slept in for the past three weeks, but part of me felt the thrill of adventure. We had sorted a simple route to the police station:
Follow my road to SS street.
Follow SS street to Awesome street.
Turn off Awesome street at Nut street.
Finally walk Nut street till Rush street, on which the police station is a mere 5 minuet walk through back allys.

     A simple enough route for simple enough people. We began to move easially enough, but right away we encountered more of my favourite word, problems, on SS street. There must of been at least a hundred of them littered all over it. I started to sweat at this moment, and we hustled along to the nearest back ally we found. I knew the general lay of the area, so I was fairly confident that unless Rush street was also covered, I should be able to make our way there, assuming we don't run into more issues. We ran into more issues.
     We walked down the ally to the end, and found ourselves on Sonda street, a small street with only 8 houses lining it. Lining those houses were more undead. At this point I figured that practically all street is going to be like this, and so we should stick the back allys as we had done before. But there was an issue with my god like plan. The nearest back allyway was blocked, by a green-grey demon. His arms were missing, and he only had one leg. The smart me would of made my way around him, but unfortunatly, the smart me hasn't existed for ten years. I estimated that with one simple kick, I should be able to unbalance, then jet past the felled creature. And proceeded to do so, quietly sneaking across the street, stopping about three feet from the creature, it was deadly still.
     I took aim at its leg, and sprinted forwards, should I of taken a moment to think, I would of noticed the half-open bin bags in front of it, and I wouldn't of kicked it, it wouldn't of crippled and fallen straight onto them, and empty cat food tins wouldn't of rattled all over the street. It would of saved me from a lot of problems. Said problems instantly turned and started lumbering towards us, including one that was hidden from view from within the ally. I didn't have much choice. I took aim at its head, and fired. John screamed as a spray of blood played artist along her small face, along with mine. I didn't have time to argue about my clothes bill, so I simply picked the girl up and continued running down the ally.
     The sound of the undead moaning from every direction is a sound I'm going to have haunting my nightmares for years to come. No remorse, no mercy, no life. Just a monotone grumble of guttural sound. I grimaced and tried to block it out, just keep running, I told myself. The police station is sanctuary. The police station is home. I took a sharp turn left, and the dog lead stretching across my arm from John's hand gave me a nasty burn. No time to think about that. Laura was right behind me, if I stopped running with her this close, she would run head first into me. Too bad that a brainless corpse doesn't care for social etiquette. He swung round, and I stopped on my heels. Laura, miraculously, avoided me completely, landed on one knee, and before I could even see what was happening, I heard a gunshot and the infected laid still. I still don't completely understand how this girl of 16 learnt to shoot like that, but she simply looked up at me and smiled. Onwards we went, around more back allys. John was seeping tears into my chest, causing me to fear even more. Imagine my surprise then, when yet another undead in front of me was dispatched with ease by this pink haired girl. I felt somehow safer knowing she was around. We proceeded around two more corners, and in front of us laid more dead undead. I mean literally dead, their heads a ball of pink mist, blood all over the walls. I didn't have time to stop and think, I shut my eyes and pushed myself over the dead bodies.
     Around two more corners, more dead grey bodies, another corner. Again I was forced to stop on my heels, in front of us, packed into a small meter wide ally, were at least twenty undead. Their eyes as dark as the ooze issuing from one of their mouths. I consulted Laura on what to do, she pointed past the nearest of the undead, into one of those old fashioned basement style doors, which we promptly sprinted for. I kicked the nearest undead out of the way, and it let out a howling scream. I called to Laura, who turned and somehow caught the small girl I just threw at her, turned and barred the gate, all within a matter of seconds. I'm marking that down as my most bad ass moment, ever.
     The doors were getting a good going over, they wouldn't hold for long. I thought I heard gunshots, but I couldn't be sure, what I was sure of that we weren't safe here, and we couldn't stay here long. I looked around for signs of non-life, but I didn't find anything. Instead I saw a much more worrying sight. In my haste to leave the house, I had left behind the two knives I had found, and laying in front of me, was a dead body, an axe lodged in its head. I tried hard to ignore it, and instead made my way behind it. Whoever's basement it was, it wasn't a very safe one. Not only was the door already splintering, but behind the dead body laid a canister of gas, right next to, God our savour, a shotgun of a model I don't know, and at least thirty shells. I almost dropped to my knees right then and there and started praying. Despite the fact I'm not a praying man.
     I decided against logical data to give Laura the second hand gun, I didn't feel like subjecting a small girl to murder just yet. I sat and consoled the girl for a few minuets, until the crying stopped. It was time to kick some ass. The door was in bad shape. There were arms already thrown through it, and it was buckling pretty badly. I decided that this tea party was over, and pushed the gun up hard against the fractured opening. I called to the others to look away, before looking away myself, and pulling the trigger. An unholy boom shattered the remains of the doors, and blood rolled in through the stairs. I didn't want to stick around and find out what else was going to start rolling in through the doors, I motioned to Laura before kicking the shattered doors open and ducking. Three shots fired, three quiet thumps on the ground. I ran out, and saw carnage. Carnage I caused, carnage I will try hard to forget.
     Most of the rest of the trip went smoothly enough in comparison. By the time we reached the deserted Rush street, Laura said she had just four shots left, and I couldn't count how many I had while running. The action of turning to grab ammo from my backpack and place it in my gun had left a big mark on my arm, but I ignored it. We reached the entrance to the police station with only two more problems between us and it. I decided to conserve shotgun ammo, and let Laura take care of them. The door was steel and locked shut. At first my heart sunk, until it opened for us. Inside we found yet another woman. I'm a real babe magnet aren't I?
     Her name was Lisa Awesome. Not my Lisa, but none the less the memory brought pain to me. Is she all right? I might never know. Lisa insisted we called her Awesome, and I've got no complaints. She's around 5 foot 8, and has short blonde hair. She's 22, apparently. Is this what it feels like to be a pimp? Run up to every girl I meet, and beg their name and age? I didn't ask if she's found any weaponry in here, as all three of us fell asleep almost instantly. When I woke up, I saw the other girls still sleep on the hard floor, complementary covers placed over them, police logo branded. Awesome was still sitting by the door. Glock 18 in hand, at first I thought it was mine, until I saw at least then full clips by a bag full of food. I asked her story, she didn't want to say, and I didn't feel like probing any deeper than her telling me she had been in the police station for the past day, alone.
     The police station is well stocked with ammo and food. There's an upstairs area with an open roof that looks over the top of most houses in the area. Tomorrow I'll set about barricading the one door way up to it, then I'll think of, what next?

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