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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 7

Day 7

     The time is 4am. I've been woken by a huge explosion of in the far distance, followed abruptly by the sound of a jet flying by. I guess the military are active after all. From the window I can see the explosion clearly, causing a huge smoke column and there's quite a lot of fire coming from some obscured area. This is actually remarkable luck, as it's drawn all the lumbering bodies towards it, and now my street is clear. The first stroke of luck I've had in almost a week. I tried phoning Lisa again, hoping she was running some kind of different time schedule to me, but I guess not. Still no answer. I've not been completely honest with my diary so far though, she isn't strictly my girlfriend. She was, until the day before this whole thing started. We argued, and she left me. I still worry for her though...

    I left for the Co-Op at 1pm. I saw nothing around, and I decided that I should leave well before it gets dark. If I ever need to fight these things, I've decided I should at least be able to see them. I left Ben behind for fear of him barking and attracting a lot more attention than I've ever wanted, but I did bring my USP with me. I didn't think I would have the guts to use it, but if I was going to die, I might as well die looking like a bad ass. And hey, there's always the off chance that Ben would learn to use guns and come across to gather the one I left behind. Ben's a smart dog. I'm going crazy.
     The trip went uneventful enough at first. I simply trudged my way over, turning to every sound I heard. I got there after what seemed to be at least an hour, but in reality was more like five minutes. The Co-Op itself was in pretty bad shape. It had three huge plate glass windows at the front, all three of which were broken, and there were traces of what I hope was tomato soup on the serrated shard edges. The door was perfectly okay though, which I decided to use. Inside it was not what I expected. The large shelves had all been stacked together, facing the windows, creating a make-shift barrier. All expect for one, which had been knocked over. More tomato soup.
     I've never seen a dead body before, I've been near to one, at my uncle's funeral, but never actually seen one. So imagine my surprise when I climb over the felled shelf, and find at least thirty corpses, all mishapen, broken and more importantly, not human. It's not a sight I will soon forget, but it's still not the worst to come. I was wondering were all the food was, and I found out. At the back there was a large freezer. Inside, I found problems. Large, big, annoying problems. Problems that take time to fix. The first of which, was the seven foot wall of a man, his eyes black and his skin grey. Behind him, the mangled and unsavoury corpses of at least four men and one woman. I would of turned and ran then. I would of. But I heard something. I wasn't sure what, but I was sure it was something. If I had any common sense, I would of assumed it was the infected, but alas I stayed. I'm not a bad man, just a short one.
     I raised my gun, with a very unsteady hand, yet spoke surprisingly calmly. I asked the undead if it truly was dead, and I said, if it wasn't, I am going to shoot it. It breathed a deathly breath, and at first my guard was lowered, but then it took a step towards me, and half from surprise, I pulled the trigger. The bullet travelled straight through the beings chest, leaving an obvious hole in it. I felt triumphant. Until it merely looked at the wound, then continued towards me. Franticly I fired more shots. I have no clue where I hit, but it stopped moving and keeled over after four or five.
     I had officially committed murder, I think. Is it murder to kill something that's dead? Or is it simply a service to the dead? I don't know. I grabbed as much food as I could and started to leave, when I realised, at the expense of more noise, I could carry a lot more food if I took a shopping trolly. So I went about filling it up. I swear to god I had no idea where she came from. But, this girl, she was just standing there, still as a rock. No signs of life. I steadily took aim again. This time tears welled. Was I really about to shoot a girl of about ten? Really? Could I do it? I don't know. Because the girl started to cry, and slumped to the ground. I still don't know this girls name as I write this, she is eating from the other side of the room.
     I'll write more when I know more.


  1. Because I couldn't of accidentally added the top of that to the previous day. That's something DUMB people do. ;)

  2. But then I would need to copy and paste all of the individual days into word. And I'm a lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy LAZY LAZY LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY. Where was I walking to again?

  3. Come At Me Bro, twice you have stated that 'This is great!' on separate days of the blog. I fear for your safety. Are you trapped and your only means of contact is through my blog? Can you only use the letters found in This is great!? Where should I send my ransom...