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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 5

                                                                 Day 5
     Finally got back. I left the diary downstairs as I went upstairs, and had my first encounter with one of those deathly beings. I didn't see it exactly, but as I was sat observing from my window (I didn't see anything of interest), I heard loud banging coming from the door. It kept up for practically most of the day, and I decided to try to sleep. I can't say it did me any harm sleeping on my actual bed as opposed to my sleeping bag. When I awoke the banging had ceased, and I crept back down into my dungeon.
     Took Ben for his walk, decided to go simply in the garden as opposed to anywhere else. I'm going to need to venture out to get some food tomorrow, NOT looking forward to that. I guess I'll take a peek from upstairs again, before making my way to the Co-Op.

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