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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 9

Day 9

     I've had a small brainwave. The police station. I don't plan on calling for help, if needs must I would swing the little girl for a weapon. (That was a joke. I'm not sick. The dog maybe.). Instead if we can make our way there, we might find a well more weapons, and I know it's a few defended place. The door is made of steel if I recall right, and there's only one way in that I've seen. Aside from my little idea, there's not much else we did today. The final T.V station went out, but not before releasing a short clip of some guy saying 'Hide yo kids, hide yo husband'. I didn't really understand it.
Out of sheer boredom:

Height: 5 foot 7
Age: 23
Haircolour: Brown
Hairlength: Long and curly
Special Skill: Weilding Bed Ben as a Canine Sword

Height: 5 foot 10
Age: 16
Haircolour: Pink. I know. Pink.
Hairlength: Medium cut
Special Skill: Inhuman survival skills

Height: About 4 foot 6
Age: ??? (Bet: 10)
Haircolour: Brown
Hairlength: Long and straight, past her shoulders.
Special Skill: She will 'silence' the undead.

     It's now 11pm. There's constant banging on the door. I don't know how they found us, but this banging defiantly isn't human. Nobodies getting any sleep today, if it's still happening tomorrow, I guess it's time to leave this sanctuary.


  1. Interactive studio quiz:
    Next comment names a new character I add (Not necessarily in the next day) (All names so far have been of people I know. A list which is all too short)

  2. Awesome will be the name of the next character that needs naming. Congratulations.