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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 3

                                                            Day 3
     On my second trip upstairs, I noticed what I thought was missing... Everything! My house has been burgled from what looks it like, a good few times. This brought hope that maybe the undead aren't the ones bumping around upstairs, until I spotted pools of blood around the house. That sent shivers down my spine, the blood was dark and reflected my look of horror, adding to it. I retreaved a Machete I had stored in the shed, aswell as my carving knife. I really, REALLY, hope I don't need to use these, but with my limited ammo...
     I made sure I brought back a good five tins of dog food for Ben, and instantly opened two of them for the poor dog. He must of been starved since he wolfed down both of them pretty quickly. Drank a fair amount too, I have a sink with hot and cold water taps. I'm a little worried about his dog business, though, maybe I should take him for a quick walk, just to get things cleared up. Metaphorically.
     The news speaks of a new World Defense of the Threat of Biological Creatures, or the W.D.T.B.C for short, which has been set up from rebel, and from what I can gather, slightly more moral, factions of the world's armies. The only army that doesn't have renegade soldiers fighting in it, is our own. I guess the ones that didn't stick with the army, are already dead. The WDTBC has pretty much single handedly taken control of the entire Manhatten island, and has begun work on heavily fortifying the islands borders. They already evacuated everyone there. A miraculous feat if you ask me.
     Their leader is apparantly some rich billionair with an enthusiasm for life, a quality I think we should all currently be grasping. He's been stated saying that 'The Army is foolish in England, stay put, stay safe, WE will find you' and boy I sure do hope he's a man of his word. I'm deciding to stay as put as possible, as opposed to heading to Portsmouth. Lisa still hasn't picked up...
List of things to do:
1: Take Ben for business meeting.
2: Phone Lisa more.
3: Make way to second story of house, view through window situation. (I should do this before taking Ben out)

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